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Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process that involves talking about your feelings, concerns, pain, fears and dreams.   This occurs in a trusting relationship where your issues are processed, insight is attained and emotional release is experienced.   I use techniques from various theories including mindfulness, CBT, psycho-dynamic, family systems and others.  Treatment plans are individually focused and include specific goals for your healing.  Symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks,  obsessive compulsive thinking, depression, addictions, sleeping and eating issues will dissipate. You will  experience personal and professional  growth by discovering  your true, authentic self. With regular attendance I guarantee you will experience personal growth and peace of mind. 
Marriage Counseling
Couples counseling will help you identify, explore and resolve conflicts you experience with your partner.  I will help you regain intimacy, improve communication, enhance empathy for your partner and rekindle romance. Be confident in knowing that  I have helped 100's of couples re-experience the joy, comfort and safety that a good marriage provides. 
Family Therapy
Family Therapy is highly effective in identifying and healing dysfunctional communication patterns and rigid family roles developed to disguise  pain.  As a Family Therapist I believe that when one family member is in pain all family members are suffering. Family Therapy refocuses the treatment from the "identified" or symptomatic family member to  the entire family system.  Enhanced communication, empathy for all family members, improved functioning and role flexibility are often achieved using this time-effective and powerful healing modality.    
 Hypnotherapy is a time-effective, proven successful and highly effective method of healing for those who desire rapid results.  I will help you shed those winter pounds, develop healthier eating patterns, gain confidence, fly comfortably, quit smoking, eliminate fears, cope with stress and improve your memory.  Through this powerful modality I can help you attract abundance, enhance your career, develop a sense of humor and even attract your soulmate.  I  was trained by the late Dr. Allen Chips, Ph.D who was a remarkable and renowned Hypnotherapist, teacher and mentor.  Recording these sessions is recommended.  
Play Therapy/Parent Counseling
Because of children's more fragile ego development Play Therapy provides a safe environment to heal from many issues including anxiety, depression, acting out and eneuresis.  Parent counseling is utilized with this modality to facilitate parental understanding and attunement to their child's unique issues and developmental needs.


Guided Meditation
One of my favorite and most powerful healing techniques is guided meditation.  In the calm and peaceful environment of my private office I will guide you to your personal place of healing.  This process invloves sensory reproduction of your unique healing space.  Through connection with your higher self I am skilled at helping you resolve conflicts and struggles.  Through the use of visualization techniques I am adept at helping clients manifest their goals, dreams and desires. I have also helped clients relieve anxiety, improve self confidence and live more satisfying lives. Guided meditation is also a proven wonderful stress reducer.   
Through soothing healing energy, pain, fear and sadness are released in this gentle and powerful healing modaility.   This technique  is not related to massage as no physical contact is required to heal.  I will work with your higher self in order to activate your optimal energy flow.   This is a very powerful technique and is often utilized in adjunct with other healing modalities. 
Clinical Consultation
If you are not sure what you need to heal or just need to talk, a clinical consultation might be your answer.  My comprehensive assessments  invlove an exploration of your family, social, educational, occupational and other personal history.  I explore your life priorities and discuss the obstacles you feel you are experiencing.  Deep insight and the release of blocked emotions are often experienced by clients during this integrative and highly self reflective process.  

I had just gone through a very difficult loss.  I miscarried and felt I did not want to live anymore.  Nothing was going to make me feel better.  Having therapy with Ms. Murphy changed my life.  Through  talking and using some mindfulness techniques I actually felt much better. I have more energy and look forward to getting up every day.   I  returned to work.  I also improved my relationship with my husband and made some new friends at the gym.  We are working on having another baby and I feel positive about life again.  


Brenda F. 

I started seeing Jeanne about 8 months ago.  I was devastated by  break up with my boyfriend and felt hopeless  about the future.  I cried constantly, missed days from work and almost lost my position.  With the care and skill of Dr. Murphy I was able to grieve this relationship and gain insight into how little I had accepted from it.  I improved my self esteem and began to date.  My sleep improved and I began to love my job once more.   I walk with a  group daily and look forward to getting up in the morning.   I even had the courage to take a long desired trip to Italy on a tour group where I met my new fiance  All of this thanks to the terrific therapist I have!  Thank you Dr. Murphy.  

Sarah G.  

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